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The must see in Venice

Venice is a city rich of art and history, and perhaps one of the most fascinating all over the world. The atmosphere and the various strustures that characterise this city over the Lagoon sea will make your holidays as magical and unforgettable as possible.


Piazza San Marco

Napoloeone named Piazza San Marco "Europe's living room". It is the only one square of Venice, the others are called "campi". It is known all over the world for its unique beauty and it is compared to an enormous marble hall.


Basilica di San Marco

The Saint Mark Church is the most important monument of the city, probably the building that identifies Venice all over the world. It is a point of religious and civil life. 

Inside the church you could recognize the typical bizantin art derived by the ancient 12 Apostoli church in Costantinopoli.


Rialto's Bridge

The Rialto bridge is one of the four bridges that cross the Canal Grande, maybe it is not the biggest, but it is the most famous of the city.

The robust building is planted on many pileworks and it is composed by a single nave. The bridge is composed by two stairs ramps with many shops on both sides.


Chiesa della Salute

The Salute Church is one of the major buildings on Venice. It is considered one of the most important expressions of the Venetian baroque. The church is one of the most lovable places for the island population.